Why Can't I Ever Save Any Money?

So you got that bank account, you even were smart and made sure to get an online savings account, so you get that higher rate of return, but gosh darnit, it just never seems to get any bigger!

Oh, you have your reasons, but are they really reasons or excuses?

Dawn at Frugal For Life says there’s four common excuses for not saving money:

  • “I don’t know how”
  • “I don’t have enough money”
  • “I don’t have any time”
  • “I don’t know enough about that financey stuff”

Dawn goes into the various ways you should rethink these rationalizations, but she says basically it comes down to asking yourself, “How much do I want this?” If you want it bad enough, you can power through any obstacle.

4 Excuses To Not Save Money [Frugal For Life]

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