Delta Sends Boston-Bound Child to Cleveland And Vice-Versa

Not content to just lose business clothes and cute little dogs and smash bikes, Delta took two children flying as unaccompanied minors and put them on the wrong planes, according to Cleveland’s WOIO.

Both children boarded plans in Minneapolis, but their paperwork was switched and they ended up on the wrong flights.

“We’re paying them to check on him and be with him… they just threw him in the plane like anyone else… didn’t even ask his name to match the paperwork” said [9-year-old Kieran] Krenshaw’s grandfather Larry Kershaw.

The airline refunded all fares and fees associated with the flights, and notified both families as soon as they learned of the situation–while the children were in the air.

Paper Trail: Delta Overlooks Paperwork, Boards Two Kids on Wrong Flights [WOIO]

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