Should Peanuts Be Banned From Airplanes?

Among the new regulations under consideration by the FAA, there’s one that hasn’t gotten much press, but which we have a feeling might be something that will get at least a few travelers’ blood up — banning peanuts from airplanes.

Because nut allergies are both quite common and potentially lethal, the FAA is considering a range of possibilities, from outright forbidding the serving of peanuts to less restrictive regulations.

Says Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood:

We’ve heard enough about it from people who have peanut allergies and are concerned about it.

Tell us what you think. Are peanuts essential to your enjoyment of air travel? Or is this a case of regulators being overly sensitive?

New rules — including restrictions on peanuts — aim to improve air travel [Kansas City Star via Jaunted]

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