This Job Isn't For You If You're Unemployed

From Casino Royale: Vesper Lynd: “Am I going to have a problem with you, Mr. Bond?”
James Bond: “No, don’t worry, you’re not my type.”
Vesper Lynd: “Smart?”
James Bond: “Single.”

A Texas electronics company is taking such a position in a quality engineer job posting at the People Place, the Huffington Post reports. Advertising on the job recruiting site The People Place, the company is only interested in prospective employees who already have a job.

Identifying the company as Benchmark Electronics, writer Laura Bassett interviewed a company rep:

“It’s our preference that they currently be employed,” he said. “We typically go after people that are happy where they are and then tell them about the opportunities here. We do get a lot of applications blindly from people who are currently unemployed — with the economy being what it is, we’ve had a lot of people contact us that don’t have the skill sets we want, so we try to minimize the amount of time we spent on that and try to rifle-shoot the folks we’re interested in.”

Which brings to mind an idea for a movie: Remake Can’t Buy Me Love again, only with an unemployed guy who pays the most popular company in school to pretend he works for it, just so he can improve his stock.

Disturbing Job Ads: ‘The Unemployed Will Not Be Considered’ [Huffington Post]
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