Should We Test The Blanket That Keeps Your Farts From Driving Your Spouse Out Of The Room

I remember being a kid and having a male relative tell me, “You know you’ve found the right woman when you can fart in bed and she doesn’t leave you.” That may very well be true, but a new product claims that it can save relationships by blocking you or your partner’s passed gas from making its way into the room.

The ad for The Better Marriage Blanket has been kicking around the Internet for a few weeks now, and we even wrote about it a few weeks back but now we’re really hoping that we can convince our Consumer Reports to figure out a way to test — using science and beakers and stuff — whether or not a layer of activated carbon actually prevents offending odors from reaching the atmosphere.

Whether or not we can get CR to do the testing, we do see one stinky trick this blanket definitely won’t stop: When the gas-passer pulls the ol’ Dutch Oven gag and yanks the cover over the heads of both people in the bed. Of course, anyone who does that probably deserves jail time.

Better Marriage Blanket Ad [YouTube]

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