Another Foxconn Employee Dies Mysteriously, Chinese Government Censors Suicide News

Another presumably young, healthy employee at Foxconn’s factory in Shenzen, China has died under mysterious circumstances. The reason for the 28-year-old engineer’s death still isn’t clear–but he did die at home shortly after working 34 hours straight at the factory.

The Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post recently reported that the Chinese government has ordered the media to dial back any coverage of Foxconn employee suicides. Blatant censorship, or is the government just aiming to stop copycat suicides?

Foxconn manufactures computers, cell phones, and other gadgets for major electronics companies, including HP, Dell, and Apple.

New Death Reported At Foxconn [M.I.C. Gadget] (via Kotaku – thanks, Mike!)
Mainland media told to tone down reports [South China Morning Post]

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