“Pinkwashing” May Soon Be A Marketing Ploy Of The Past

Splashing pink all over your products to signal that they’re meant to be used by women? “Pinkwashed” pens, electronics, and ethernet cables? Not trendy anymore, according to marketing experts who say the cool thing nowadays is to send an inclusive branding message. [More]

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Chinese Airports Are Designating A Separate Security Line For Women

While we here in America argue over seemingly unending security lines at our nation’s airports, there’s another discussion going on in China over airport security, now that women have a separate lane designated for their use only. [More]

(Source: The Journal of Consumer Research)

Easy Public Displays Of Support For Charities Lead To Slacktivism

Scroll through your Facebook timeline and you’ll no doubt see any number of people passing on links, photos, stories, invites to groups… all for allegedly good causes. It’s become increasingly simple to say you support things like ending world hunger or providing shelter to victims of natural disaster, while at the same time doing absolutely nothing that actually helps to solve those problems. Such behavior has earned the name “slacktivism,” and a new study aims to show how many people can trick themselves into thinking they have done enough by simply putting on a ribbon or liking a Facebook page. [More]

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NY Attorney General Calls On Breast Cancer Charities To Be Transparent About Where The Money Is Going

It seems like every October, there are more pink items for sale to promote National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which has led to growing concern that the focus is on selling merchandise without being clear about how much money is actually going to cancer research. In an effort to keep these charities honest, the Attorney General for New York state has issued a set of best practices. [More]

KFC "Pink Buckets" Not Best Way To Fight Breast Cancer

KFC "Pink Buckets" Not Best Way To Fight Breast Cancer

KFC is urging customers to buy “pink buckets” to help fight breast cancer. However, you could buy a dozen KFC buckets and it wouldn’t put an extra dime towards breast cancer research, reports The Washington Post. The fine print on KFC’s “buckets for the cure” website speaks for itself: [More]