iPod Factory Admits Breaking Chinese Labor Laws

As you can easily imagine, breaking labor laws in China is a bit hard to do as an employer. However, Foxconn managed to do just that by forcing the workers in the Apple iPod factories to work up to 80 extra hours per month. Under local law, laborers can only be forced to work 36 extra hours.

Pictured at right is a typical Chinese iPod laborer. Note the fingers bloodied from countless hours of sewing together white mp3 players in subhuman conditions.

ChinaCSR reports:

    “However, Li Zong, a spokesperson from Foxconn, says Foxconn’s complicated salary structure has caused misunderstanding among the media, and the company has paid the workers according to the minimum salary standards of the Shenzhen local government.”

Well that’s great, as long as they’re paying the absolute minimum wage required.

Unverified reports claim that if you turn up your iPod up really loud, you can hear the screams of the innocent in the background.

“Foxconn Admits Breaking Labor Laws In China” [ChinaCSR]

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