5 Best Airports For Good Fast Food

For the most part, airport eating options are pretty similar. There’s the eat-in “restaurant” which is more of a bar. There’s the quickie place with the pre-made sandwich/salad selection. And you’re likely to stumble upon a food court with a couple of recognizable brands of fast food. But the folks at Jaunted.com know that there are a handful of airports providing more intriguing offers for the traveler’s taste buds and have put together this list of the top five airports for scoring better eats.

* Austin-Bergstrom International Airport
While you’re waiting for your flight, grab some quality BBQ at Salt Lick Bar-B-Que in the West Food Court. There’s brisket, smoked sausage and everything else you’d expect. And the Salt Lick just inside the security gates also serves tacos stuffed with the restaurant’s delicious meats.

* Washington Dulles International Airport
Even though Five Guys recently made the list of most un-nutricious meals in America, at least I think they’re burgers are still yummy. And since they’re a D.C.-area company, it only makes sense that they’d have an outpost in one of the local airports. In fact, they’re in two — There’s now one inside Reagan National Airport too.

* Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Here’s another case of a local fave getting some love in the local airport. While most people know about Atlanta-based Chick-fil-A through their “eat more chikn” billboards, the fast food joint as widely available as its competitors. Heck, I only know of one in New York City. But the next time you’ve got time to kill on a connection in Atlanta, you can sample some grub from the fast foodery.

* Memphis International Airport
If you didn’t get enough authentic BBQ during your visit to Memphis, or if you’re just connecting, there’s Interstate Bar-B-Que in the Concourse B Rotunda at the airport. Says Jaunted: “Ribs, brisket, and pork shoulder are just some of the smoky saucy treats available to enjoy. Make sure you have a decent layover before digging in, because this is a place best enjoyed at a table within the terminal rather than a tray table within the plane.”

* Los Angeles International Airport:
Later this month, historic L.A. hot dog Pink’s is set to open up an outlet inside the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX, complete with its own signature frankfurter. And honestly, the security line at LAX is probably shorter than the line outside the real Pink’s.

What do you think of this list? I’m sure they missed out on some quality eats at other airports… So tell us about it!

The Five Best Airports for Filling Up on Fancy Fast Food [Jaunted.com]

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