United Leaves Sleeping Passenger On Plane For 4 Hours

It’s been a rough few weeks for United Airlines. First, they try to incinerate an Olsen Twin, then they left a blind passenger on board after they’d let everyone else off the plane. Now, Continental’s betrothed is having to explain how they managed to not notice a sleeping passenger who remained on board her plane for four hours after it touched down.

That four hours is about four times as long as the passenger spent in the air on her United Express flight from Washington’s Dulles airport to Philadelphia.

The flight landed shortly after midnight, but no one noticed Rip Van Winkle until a cleaning crew woke her up around 4 a.m.

We’re reminded of the Air Canada passenger earlier this year, who fell asleep on a flight to Vancouver and woke up several hours after arrival in the hangar at the airport.

Sleeping passenger left on plane for 4 hours after it lands in Philadelphia [Chicago Tribune]

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