Reach Citi's Executive Response Unit

They say you can only bang your head against a wall for so long. If that describes where you’re at with a stuck Citi customer service issue, and you’ve tried and failed with customer service reps and supervisors, consider dialing this secret phone number for their executive response unit. Warning: Break Glass Only In Case Of Emergency.

The number for Citi executive customer service is: 718-248-0847

Reader A who sent this in says that after being a Citi customer for 15 years with almost-perfect payment history and a fantastic credit score, Citi tripled his card’s interest rate. Just before the CARD Act, natch. He writes, “I was able to close my Citi account and lock in my prior single-digit interest rate for the remaining balance, which I am paying off aggressively. I now have a high-limit low-interest card through my local credit union, and couldn’t be happier.”

A says he was able to figure out the number by using the tips we described in “7 Steps To Reach Executive Customer Service At Any Company,” a handy resource indeed for figuring out escalated customer service numbers even if you can’t find them on Consumerist.

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