40 Ways People Still Use Floppy Disks

The BBC put out a call to see who still uses floppy disks and got over 1,000 responses. They picked the best 40 and we’ve picked 3 of our favorites.

From the BBC:

1. I regularly buy floppy disks. I own a pub with a retro theme and I use them as beer mats.
Shaun Garrod, Ashby de la Soul

6. Have you seen the cost of clays for skeet shooting? Pull!
Paul Taylor, St.Helens England

13. I put handles on them and sell them as spatulas. I sell thousands of them a year.
Stan Russell, Squatney, Delaware – USA

How do you still use floppies?

40 ways we still use floppy disks [BBC] (Thanks, Stannous!)

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