Satirical BP Twitter Account Has More Followers Than Real One

A fake BP PR twitter account, BPGlobalPR, has started posted satirical tweets about the company’s response and attitude to the oil spill, and it has more followers than of the real BP Twitter accounts combined. And why not? Would you rather read, “BP Pledges $500 Million for Independent Research into Impact of Spill on Marine Environment” or “Doing our best to turn oil into oilinade. So far the stuff tastes TERRIBLE.”

BP knows about the fake account but seems to content to leave it alone for now. WSJ:

A BP spokesman said the company is aware of the BPGlobalPR account. “It’s a shame, but obviously people are entitled to their views,” a BP spokesman said, adding that the company is taking the spill “very seriously.”

Oh no they didn’t! They didn’t just say that! Yes, they did.

BPGlobalPR [Twitter]
Fake BP Twitter Account Draws Followers With Oil-Spill Satire [WSJ]

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