Show Your Support For BP By Filling Up At ARCO, AM/PM

Since BP is doing such a great job cleaning up that oil spill, it’s only right that consumers show their support for the quicker, thicker picker-uppers by bringing their business to subsidiaries ARCO and AM/PM, and greasing the wheels with BP’s Castrol Motor Oil.

Tony, who reminded us of the connections, writes:

I’ve heard a lot of people talking about boycotting BP as a response to their Gulf oil fiasco. I know that there are BP stations in the East. But out here in the West
we have ARCO (originally Atlantic Richfield) and AM/PM mini-markets.

Judging from the longish lines at the local Arco stations, I don’t think that many people are aware that Arco and AM/PM are BP brands. BP acquired ARCO in 2000.

Perhaps The Consumerist could enlighten its readership about this relationship. Those who want to show their support for BP can zip off to the nearest ARCO station, while those who want to avoid BP will know to avoid Arco.

Bear in mind that when you shop at BP’s companies you’re lending a financial hand to the clean-up efforts, and helping fund future drilling operations run with that special BP touch.

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