Does Your City Spend A Lot On Eating?

When it comes to spending on munching and swigging, how do you think your city stacks up? Bundle crunched the numbers and turned it into a plump and juicy infographic, served up piping hot inside…


Everything is bigger in Texas, so perhaps it’s no surprise that Austin came out on top, with $12,447 spent per household per year. Five average Detroit households, the nation’s lowest spenders, can eat on one Austinite’s food budget. The most home-cookingest city? Hialeah, Florida. They spend 69% of their budget on groceries. Oddly for a place known for its unique take on dishes, Chicago is only a few slots above the national average.

What interesting or unexpected trends can you spot? How does your city rank? Are you throwing the curve for your whole city? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

For more analysis and info about methodology, check out Bundle’s “The truth about food spending in America

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