Man Gets 9 Ridiculous Wells Fargo Overdrafts Reversed

John got his account back in black after Wells Fargo had him paying for his rent twice and hit him with nine overdraft fees. He put a stop payment on his electronic check and wrote a paper one instead, but both went through and he was in the red. When he went to customer service, they would only refund some of the fees. Quivering with rage, he steeled himself and emailed the CEO and CFO. The next time he called back customer service, they reversed all the charges. Shazam!

John says, “I am still literally shaking from my dealings with WFB earlier today. I’m a professional man , retired, and consider my self bright. Have excellent communicative skills (I thought!). But, Ben these folks just tried to screw the wrong guy’s gut!”

He wrote this letter:

From: John
To: john.g.stumpf@wellsFARGO.COM
Cc: howard.i.atkins@WELLSFARGO.COM
Sent: Monday, May 10, 2010 9:32 AM
Subject: account # [redacted

Gentlemen: I am John [redacted]. I am a customer of Wells Fargo Bank. I have been banking at the [redacted] since 1996.

A recent experience with your Bank has left me bitter and frustrated. While using the Bill Pay function of my account, it was necessary for me to put a stop payment on the electronic check and issue a paper one. The check was for a $750.00 rent payment. You guessed it. Both items were paid. These transactions caused my account into a negative balance of $1,034.14.

I was slapped with nine (9) OD charges totaling $315. And debited twice for the $750.00 item.

Now keep in mind that I have the electronic check sitting in front of me!!! It was returned by the payee…my landlady!!!

All my attempts at reaching someone who would help me have been futile .

It is my opinion that these fees are arbitrary and punitive. I’m basing this charge because of the way I was told they could not be reversed. Not once was I told that the fees were an attempt by Wells Fargo Bank to recoup expenses for handling returned items. Instead, I was offered a refund of some of the charges. When I asked why not all of them I was told that “past history” on my account did not warrant a full refund (arbitrary). Also, my account would neither be credited with these refunds nor for the $750.00, for five (5) business days (punitive). Even after these offered action, my account will have a negative balance.

The direct deposit of my Social Security Check won’t be until the 3rd of June! I am pleading that you make me whole again be reversing all fees and pay me back the $750.00.

Thank you.


And then…

“Ben, I called Wells one more time today. “let me check it our and get back to you” was their initial reply.

Well, knock me over with a feather. They reversed all charges. I am now back in the black by $24.00.

I didn’t ask what made them change their minds, but I wonder if my email re: arbitrary/punitive had any thing to do with it.

I also want to say that your site helped me a lot. Just the fact that I knew it was there was encouraging.

Thanks again,

Perseverance, kicking it to the top, and not taking no for an answer wins another consumer sweet justice. Rock on, John!

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