Health Supplement Guru Nearly Dies After Ingesting Own Product

Gary Null sells something called Ultimate Power Meal, which he says you’re supposed to eat twice a day every day. He did that for a month and nearly died, so now he’s suing the company that manufactured the product.

Null alleges that Triarco Industries put nearly 1,000 times the correct amount of Vitamin D in the supplement. Null says at first he felt some “discomfort,” but kep drinking it assuming it would eventually make him feel better. Eventually that discomfort became “excruciating pain,” accompanied by phone calls from angry customers who were also feeling the effects of Vitamin D overdoses.

Null is suing Triarco for $10 million (I’m guessing so he’ll have the money to fend off any forthcoming lawsuits from his customers). According to ABC News, Triarco wouldn’t return their calls and hasn’t issued a statement. Maybe someone should go over to their place and make sure they weren’t also taking the supplement?

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