Fix Up Your House Because You Want To Live In It, Not Profit Off Of It

The kids over at Consumer Reports are working on their August kitchen-remodeling story and are finding that there is less emphasis on remodeling homes with ROI in mind.

From CR:

One trend we’ve noticed is that return-on-investment (ROI) paradigm of the boom years—the idea that upon selling your home you’d get back most of the money you put into your new kitchen if not all of it or perhaps even realize a profit—has gone the way of the Hummer and the no-money-down home purchase.

Instead, people are concentrating on “live-in value,” fixing up your home so its more livable and can be enjoyed longer without having to move.

Sounds perfectly reasonable to us.

Has “live-in value” replaced ROI when it comes to kitchen remodeling? [Consumer Reports]

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