Philly Cream Cheese, AriZona Iced Tea & Other Products With Geographically Misleading Names

Earlier this week, we wrote about how the folks at AriZona Iced Tea want everyone to know they’re actually from New York. And then I was having a bite at a Connecticut Muffin in Brooklyn when I remembered that Philadelphia Cream Cheese isn’t from Philadelphia.

So now we want to put together a list of foods, beverages and eateries with geographical names that have little or nothing to do with where the food is made.

Just off the top of our heads, there’s Swiss Miss cocoa, Vienna Beef hot dogs, New York Bagel, Dallas BBQ, Brooklyn Diner, Texas Pete hot sauce and Irish Spring (okay, so that’s not a food product — at least not for most people).

Unless there’s a massive hue and cry from the public, places like Boston Market likely won’t be on the list because — even though the company is HQd in Colorado now — it was actually started in Massachusetts.

So now you have your task… List away!

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