VIDEO: Tiger Woods' Creepy New Nike Ad

In case you have been comatose since Thanksgiving, Tiger Woods has been in the news a lot because the Masters will be broadcast in 3D or something. In advance of that golf tournament, Tiger Woods has returned to the world of being a human billboard with this new ad from Nike, which resurrects the golfer’s dead dad.

In the ad, Woodsy stares into the camera — Is he trying to seduce me? Because it’s working! — as the voice of his late pop Earl Woods lectures his Casanova son about personal responsibility.

“Did you learn anything?” Earl asks Tiger.

Yeah, he learned that he can still cash in on the biggest personal embarrassment in sports history. Hole-in-one, Tiger!

And then there’s this version (thanks JayCutler!) replacing Early’s voice with Morgan Freeman from Shawshank Redemption:

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