Comcast: We Don't Want To Be Worst Company In America Again

After two years as a bridesmaid in Consumerist’s Worst Company In America tournament, it was finally the cable company’s time to walk down the aisle when it was handed the WCIA crown this morning. And now that Comcast has tasted victory, it’s not asking for seconds.

In a statement released after hearing this morning’s news, a rep from Comcast says the company is taking it seriously:

We’re working everyday to improve our customers’ experiences with us, including offering a Customer Guarantee that’s backed by significant operational changes. We’ve taken steps over the past two years to improve our product reliability and service, and if a problem does occur, we work to quickly to resolve it, find the root cause and make changes so it won’t happen again.

Do you believe Comcast has the ability to turn things around and escape the WCIA finals next year? Or are the problems too ingrained to be repaired in such a short time?

And what of the NBC Universal acquisition? Comcast has said nothing here to quell reservations and concerns about the consolidation of a major broadcast and cable network with the country’s largest cable provider.

We genuinely hope that Comcast isn’t merely paying lip service to the negative PR of being crowned Worst Company In America. Because, as you may have noticed, our readers don’t care about rep statements or good intentions; they just want you to provide a quality service for a reasonable price.

Comcast ‘wins’ Consumerist worst-company tournament [Washington Post]

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