These Are The Top 10 Brands In The Whole Wide World

For five years, the people at BrandZ (you know they’re in branding because of the “Z”) have been evaluating customer opinion and awareness of various global brands, and then putting a dollar value on that evaluation for their annual Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands report. Here are the top 10 brands on the BrandZ list.

1. Google
“Google is now the number 1 brand by far with a value of $114.3 billion, on the strength of a 32 percent compounded annual growth rate since 2006, when Google ranked number 7, with a brand value of $37.4 billion.”

2. IBM
“The IBM brand experienced 24 percent compounded annual growth rate during the past five years and now, with a value of $86.3 billion, ranks second in the BrandZ Top 100, having advanced from position number 8.”

3. Apple
“Apple, now ranked number 3, with a brand value of $83.2 billion, moved up 26 places [over a five-year period] from number 29.”

4. Microsoft
Microsoft remained unchanged from 2008 with a value of $76.4 billion.

5. Coca Cola
With a value of $67.98 billion, the Coca Cola brand remains the top beverage brand by a long shot. The closest on the list is Budweiser at #38. Pepsi ranked #58 on the list.

6. McDonald’s
The Golden Arches slipped just 1% from last year’s value, but it was still the only fast food restaurant in the top 50. Subway, the only other fast food brand on the list was ranked #64.

7. Marlboro
At a value of $57 billion, the Marlboro brand actually increased in value by 15% over the previous year.

8. China Mobile
The world’s largest mobile network is also the highest-rated non-U.S. brand on the list.

9. General Electric
GE’s brand value slipped 25% from the previous year, but it was still enough to keep the brand in the top 10.

10. Vodafone
The UK-based mobile carrier is the highest-ranking European brand on the top 100.

Other brands of note:
*Walmart barely missed out on the top 10, with a #13 ranking.
*BMW, at #25, is the highest-ranking automobile manufacturer, edging out Toyota — the world’s largest car maker — which ranked 26th.
*The highest-ranking U.S.-based bank on the list is Wells Fargo at #30, with Bank of America coming in at #37 on the list.
*While Comcast may be America’s largest cable company — and the Worst Company In America for 2010 — it is nowhere on the top 100 list. Perhaps the Xfinity rebranding is needed after all?

Click here to download the entire report [PDF]

World’s Top 10 Brands [Chicago Tribune]

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