Pretending To Sell Kids On Craigslist Not Considered Funny By Police

The New York State Police do not think it is funny when you place a listing for your two sons on Craigslist.

A 24-year-old man was recently arrested and charged with “falsely reporting an incident” after posting a joke listing for his two sons, a two-year-old and a one-year-old. The man says he was “joking around.”

Police say that the listing for the children said they could be used as “child slaves” and “footstools.” They also pointed out how very not amused they are at having to investigate a joke.

“He didn’t actually sell is children, obviously. But he did cause enough annoyance or problems for three different agencies to get involved. And again, there’s some serious manpower and time that was wasted on something that he said was just a joke,” A State Trooper told WHAM in Rochester, NY. Police went on to note that the man actually clarified in the ad that he was only kidding, but that police took it seriously anyway because kids were involved.

The man says he is sure he will be found not guilty.

“I’m 100% positive this is going not going to be found guilty, because it’s completely ridiculous. It was 100% honest to God a joke, and everybody blew it way out of proportion.”

Brockport Man Says ‘Kids For Sale’ on Craigslist Was a ‘Joke’ [WHAM] (Thanks, Jarrod!)

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