Starbucks To Introduce Vegan Frappuccinos

Starbucks is going to introduce vegan frappuccinos starting May 5. The soy-based confections contain zero dairy and are already available in a few Los Angeles locations. They, unfortunately, do not taste like vegans, nor are they made from them. Here’s an email from a Starbucks manager snagged with more details:

“you can now get soymilk based vegan versions of most frappuccinos at starbucks. It isn’t being nationally announced til may 5, but most LA starbucks had to swap over to the new way of making frappuccinos because our distribution center ran out of the old base.

The old method to make them used a base that contained dairy, but the new way you basically add a thickening syrup to base of milk/ flavour syrups/ coffee depending on the drink, so as long as the drink is made with soy it’s vegan. The coffee and creme frappuccino bases are vegan, however, the light one is not— and all the other inclusions and toppings are vegan except for whip (duh) and caramel drizzle.

If you go in a store and just ask whoever working if they’ve switched to the “new” way of making frappuccino or if you can have a soy frappuccino and the answer is yes, you’re good to go.”

A Quarrygirl commenter identifying themself as a Starbucks employee adds:

I am vegan and work at Starbucks and just wanted to clarify: Today, April 19th, was the soft-launch, so not all stores will have it yet. We have the opportunity to use up the rest of the previous product, but just ask and they will let you know if they are using the new method. May 4th is the official launch date and everyone in the U.S. will be switched over to the new method by then.

The e-mail you received did not completely clarify what is vegan/non-vegan for the inclusions:

Like the other comments said:

There is a new SOY blender pitcher and it is pink and used only for soy milk, the barista
should be using it to make your drink, but it never hurts to ask.
White Mocha and Carmel SAUCE are not vegan (the caramel SYRUP is vegan, just make sure to request, no caramel SAUCE on your soy, no whip, caramel frap)
I am fairly certain that the Java Chips are not vegan, I believe they have non-fat milk powder in them. I will double check at work tonight, and if something has changed I will re-post on here.

As the e-mail from the store manager said the regular frap base and the creme base are vegan, but not the light base. Also, the regular frap base and creme base are gluten free (but not the light base)! I am not sure about all the inclusions but if you are a gluten-intolerate vegan you can also enjoy a coffee or mocha frap!


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