Microsoft Takes Back Its Naughty Ad For The Kin

Perhaps in an effort to show that the iPhone isn’t the only super sexy young hip fun phone out there, Microsoft had a bit of a misstep recently with a commercial for the Kin that seemed to promote sexting, the act of sending graphic content via camera phones (aka the ultimate fear of teenagers’ parents everywhere).

However after our eagle-eyed and infinitely more good-looking older sibs at called Microsoft out on their blog on the dubious practice of using sex to sell their phones, they responded quickly.

“Microsoft takes the issue of sexting very seriously and it was never our intent to promote it in any way,” said a rep for the company.

But Microsoft didn’t mean to suggest he was doing anything dirty that would inspire teens to do the same! Honest!

A scene where a dude takes a picture under his shirt and sends it to a girl across the room at a party “did not come across in the spirit with which it was intended,” Microsoft says. “Upon further review, we have acknowledged that and since removed the clip.”

Good thing you can still watch the video here.

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