Spirit Airlines Now Charging Up To $45 For Carry On Bags

Welcome to the slippery slope of air travel fees. Today, discount flier Spirit Airlines announced that they will begin charging anywhere from $20 to $45 for you to carry on your own bag.

Members of Spirit’s $9 Fare Club who book online will only (only?!) pay $20 for a carry on bag — note: this does not count purses or briefcases — if they book online. Non members who book online see that price rise to $30. And if you pay at the gate… well, that’ll be $45, sir or ma’am.

Spirit has also jacked up the prices of their checked bags.

That whole idea of FedEx-ing your luggage is starting to look like a not-so-bad idea now.

Spirit Air Now Charging For Both Carry-On and Checked Baggage [Jaunted]

Spirit’s Baggage Policy

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