United Offers Sale On Checked Bags If You FedEx Them

If you’re planning on flying on United Airlines between now and March 29, the airline is offering to help you save a bit of cash on your checked luggage… if you ship it via FedEx.

The airline has temporarily cut the price of the door-to-door baggage delivery service it offers through FedEx to $25/bag for up to 9 bags.

United passengers are normally charged $25 for their first checked bag and $35 for their second. So, if you have four bags to check, you can save $30 with the FedEx deal.

However, the deal isn’t without its catches:

-Even though you can travel as late as March 29, the sale ends at 5pm ET on Friday.

-The $25 offer is only available on flights in the continenatl U.S.

-FedEx won’t pick up or deliver bags on weekends, so be sure you don’t pack anything necessary if you’re traveling on a Saturday.

If they were to make this a permanent price reduction, would it be of interest to you?

United Airlines offer: You fly, your bags get shipped [Denver Business Journal]

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