Pepsi Plant Leaks Stinky Green Fluid That Isn't Mountain Dew

According to reports out of the region, there was a “bright green, foul-smelling” liquid leaking out of a Pepsi bottling plant in Maryland on Sunday — and no, it wasn’t Mountain Dew.

After a local citizen called in the leak to authorities early Sunday morning, Wicomico County, MD, Emergency Management and the Salisbury, MD, Fire Department arrived on the scene.

According to firefighters, this is the second time in two weeks the unidentified, non-hazardous substance had leaked from the Pepsi plant. Employees at the bottling plant told the authorities the liquid came from a waste water tank with a malfunctioning pump.

A back-up pump was turned on, putting a halt to the leakage and sand was spread on the surrounding curb to absorb any remaining liquid.

Green liquid leaks from Pepsi plant [DelmarvaNow]

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