Behold The 2010 Worst Company In America Round 2 Bracket!

Congratulations to Bank of America, Cash4Gold, Anthem BSBC, GM, Apple, Time Warner Cable, Comcast, AT&T and more for making it to Round 2 of the competition!

Round 1 had some close matches, Anthem BCBS beat Assurant by only 38 votes! Apple and Microsoft traded leads until eventually Apple pulled away in what was our more popular poll yet. A whopping 16,295 votes were cast in the battle of the operating systems — with Apple eventually winning 65% to 35%.

US Airways narrowly beat Delta by a margin of 76 votes, while Comcast VS DirecTV was a bloodbath — with Comcast destroying their satellite tv competitor with 84% of the vote.

What will happen in Round 2? Voting starts tomorrow!

This is a post in our Worst Company In America 2010 series. The companies competing for this honor were chosen by you, the readers. Keep track of all the goings on at Print the bracket, here.

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