Inventor Of Box Wine Dies At 92

Days shy of 45 years after he patented the idea of wine in a box, Australian winemaker Thomas Angove has died at the age of 92.

Angove was also the first winemaker in Australia to use stainless steel for the storage of wine in bulk, in addition to introducing new varieties of wine grapes to his home continent.

His son John, who now runs the family wine business, recalls not thinking too highly of his father’s box wine idea at first:

I do remember when I was about 15 and he brought home a prototype and I said to him: ‘that’s ridiculous, nobody is going to buy wine out of a cardboard box and a plastic bag’… But he persevered, didn’t listen to me and he was determined.

Don’t know about you, but I plan on raising a toast in Angove’s honor this evening…

Inventor of cask wine Tom Angove dies at 92 [Herald Sun]

Thanks Dr Vino!

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