You Can Use Bed Bath And Beyond Coupons At Babies 'R' Us (Sometimes)

Did you know hat you can take those super-awesome Bed, Bath, and Beyond 20% off one item coupons and use them at Babies “R” Us? Blogger John of Baby At Play heard about this coupon swap, and investigated the situation on behalf of all parents and doting friends and relatives. Turns out it can be done…but not all stores participate.

A friend of mine witnessed this recently at a BRU store in New Jersey. According to the cashier, BRU (wisely) doesn’t publicize the fact that they take competitor coupons. So how are these 2 stores related? They’re not. However, Bed Bath and Beyond owns/partners with Buy Buy Baby. In fact, I just checked the Buy Buy Baby corporate page and confirmed the 2 are related. Wow! I wish I knew this when I had to buy all my baby gear. My daughter is now 2.5 and we’ve already spent a fortune at Babies R Us.

Response back from R Us:

Thank you for contacting Babies”R”Us.

We appreciate your reaching out to us regarding your concerns relating to the use of Bed Bath and Beyond coupons at your local Babies”R”Us store. At this time it is not all stores that take these coupons,you would have to contact your local store for full details on the coupon policy.


Juan Funes
Corporate Guest Relations

Have you tried to use a Bed, Bath and Beyond coupon at Babies “R” Us? Let us know if you were successful.

Babies R Us accepts Bed Bath and Beyond coupons! [Baby At Play]

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