Wanna Bring A Gun To Starbucks? They're Cool With That

In states like Virginia where it’s legal for gun owners to walk around in public displaying their heat, there are some firearms fans who go out to stores they assume will be unfriendly about their gun-toting ways. But, in spite of its left-leaning reputation, coffee colossus Starbucks has instituted a policy saying guns are A-OK with them.

“Starbucks is seen as a responsible corporation and they’re seen as a very progressive corporation, and this policy is very much in keeping with that,” John Pierce, co-founder of firearms advocacy group OpenCarry.org says about Starbucks’ decision to not ban guns from their stores. “If you’re going to support individual rights, you have to support them all. I applaud them, and I’ve gone out of my way personally to let every manager of every Starbucks I pass know that.”

In most states, private businesses still have the right to refuse firearms on their premises, and other coffee shops and restaurants like Peet’s and California Pizza Kitchen have decided to forbid guns in their locations.

Gun control group The Brady Campaign has already received more than 25,000 signatures on a petition asking Starbucks to rethink their policy.

“If you want to dress up and go out and make a little political theater by frightening children in the local Starbucks, if that’s what you want to spend your energy on, go right ahead,” said Peter Hamm, spokesperson for the Brady Campaign. “But going out and wearing a gun on your belt to show the world you’re allowed to is a little juvenile.”

Are you comfortable with customers bringing guns into your local Starbucks?

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