Report: Steve Jobs Says You Won't Be Able To Link Your WiFi iPad To Your iPhone

Anyone who currently owns an iPhone and was hoping they would be able to use it as a mobile web access point for a WiFi iPad got some bad news today, as Apple’s turtleneck-in-charge Steve Jobs has reportedly said this will not happen.

Swedish blog claims they e-mailed Job directly to ask him whether or not you’d be able to tether your iPad and iPhone and received a terse “No” in reply.

The decision of whether or not to allow iPhone tethering or not has always been the decision of the mobile carrier, with several European carriers having allowed it. Stateside, AT&T has promised, but never delivered, on allowing users to tether their computers to their iPhones.

If Jobs’ pronouncement is A) true and B) a permanent decision by Apple, then users the only way to get 3G web access on your iPad is by purchasing the significantly more expensive 3G version of the product.

This is just the latest of knocks against the iPad, which offers fewer capabilities and higher price tag than a comparable netbook.

Steve Jobs says ‘No’ to iPhone-to-iPad tether [The Register]

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