JetBlue & American Trade Landing Rights To Expand Routes

American Airlines announced a deal with JetBlue today that would significantly increase their presence at JFK Airport in New York. Meanwhile, JetBlue will now have the ability to offer service to and from Washington D.C.’s Reagan National Airport.

The two airlines have agreed to swap landing rights at these airports, with American getting 12 slot pairs in New York from JetBlue. In turn, American hands over 8 slot pairs at Reagan (along with an additional pair at White Plains, NY) to the discount airline.

The goal for American is to provide more connection options for their international flights at JFK and Boston. The airline says these additional slots will allow them to add seven new destinations to JFK.

The airport is a hub for American’s biggest competitor, Delta, who have doubled service to the airport in the last five years.

American Air Targets Delta in NYC With JetBlue Accord [BusinessWeek]

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