Amazon To Start Filming Itself Packing Outgoing Packages

Amazon filed a patent for filming the packing of outgoing packages. The practice will provide proof that Amazon shipped the correct — or incorrect — item to customers, as well as it’s including the proper ad fliers along with the shipment.

On his TechFlash blog, Eric Engleman reports:

Here’s a description:

One or more images of items for an order being processed at processing station of an order fulfillment center may be captured and associated with the order. Alternatively, a short video clip may be captured of the order being packaged. An electronic notification that the order has been processed may be sent to a customer associated with the order. The electronic notification may include a reference to one or more of the captured images or video clips. The customer may use a reference included in the notification to view the captured images. The customer may view captured images to verify that the order has been correctly processed. The captured images may include images of the items being packaged for shipment and may show the shipping address on the package allowing the customer to verify that indeed it is his package in the images.

Amazon warehouse workers: get ready for your closeup.

Is this creepy Orwellian stuff or just good business?

Amazon’s new patent could make returns harder [TechFlash via WebCrawler]
(Thanks, JagsLive!)

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