Personal Finance Roundup

Five Financial No-Brainers [Free Money Finance] “There are a handful of money management suggestions that are beneficial to nearly everyone. In fact, they’re so good that they can be listed as financial no-brainers.”

Are you middle class? [MSN Money] “The economic headlines are better than they were a year ago, but living standards continue to erode for many Americans.”

Get Your Piece of a $34.1 Billion Pie [Smart Money] “The IRS is holding an additional $1.3 billion in unclaimed 2006 tax refunds that eligible taxpayers have only until April 15 to claim.”

3 investing moves you must make [CNN Money] “To make the most of this new [investing] world, start here.”

The 15 Money Rules Kids Should Learn [The Wall Street Journal] “Ultimately, the aim is to raise children who grow into adults who are financially aware and who are comfortable managing the various aspects of money.”


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