UPS Refuses To Leave Package Without Signature Despite My Wishes

Sue has the whimsical idea that she can receive a package shipped via UPS by not waiting at home all day to sign it. She took a step to sign the InfoNotice that the driver left, authorizing UPS to leave the package for her without a signature. But the driver wouldn’t comply.

She writes:

I am absolutely FURIOUS!! I ordered a new printer from Lexmark. My 10 year old model has had it. UPS tried to deliver it on Friday. I wasn’t available so they left an InfoNotice with “Signature Required” checked. It CLEARLY states on the back that “If the “Signature Required” is checked the driver must receive a signature either in person or by signing below”. This means I can sign the InfoNotice and leave it for the driver and they will leave my package if I am not home. I signed and left it on my door today and went out to a meeting. I came home and found another InfoNotice and the driver had scrawled on it “I REFUSE TO LEAVE THIS!” I am LIVID! Since when are drivers allowed to IGNORE policy and withhold packages from customers?

I filed a complaint with UPS but I doubt it will do any good.

Sometimes my 3-year-old refuses to do follow my orders, but the promise of a cookie or some M&Ms usually sets him straight. Perhaps Sue’s mistake was forgetting to leave a cookie or some candy for the driver.

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