T-Mobile CSR Politely Asks For My Sprint Password

Wilson is switching from Sprint to T-Mobile and fielded an unusual, off-putting request from a T-Mobile CSR: “Please provide your password.” Wilson refused and wonders aloud whether or not it’s kosher to make such an indecent proposal.

He writes:

Recently my contract with Sprint expired. Also, my monthly rates are going up starting April and hence switched to T-Mobile Prepaid plan yesterday hoping that transferring my old phone number would be easy. I have done it before a few times and all I had to do was give my old phone number. How hard could it be?!

But T-Mobile rep wants me to handover my sprint account password to her which I am most uncomfortable with. I use a pattern for my password and I consider it private information. She says it is not required by Sprint and I still don’t think it is appropriate or legal. Can you confirm?

Kids, don’t go home with strangers (unless they’re extremely hot) and don’t be giving your passwords away over the phone. Has anything like this happened to you?

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