Subway Adding Breakfast Menu Nationwide

As reported a few weeks ago, Subway has been testing a breakfast menu at various North American markets in recent months. And it must have gone well, because in the next few weeks the sandwich chain will be rolling out breakfast menus in 25,000 locations.

Many of our north-of-the-border friends have already had the chance to sample Subway’s new selection of egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches, as they became available in Canadian franchises on March 1.

But if you’re hankering for a stateside breakfast from Subway, you’ll have to wait until April 5.

Here’s a rundown of the menu:

The sandwiches will be made with omelets- regular eggs or egg whites and cheese -served on English muffins, flatbread or Subway’s fresh-baked sub rolls. Options include Western egg and cheese, Black Forest ham and cheese, bacon and cheese and steak, egg and cheese. Customers can add any of Subway’s regular lunchtime condiments or vegetables to their order. Prices range from $1.75 for an English muffin melt to $6 for a footlong sandwich.

Subway’s plan to use cage-free eggs — eggs from chickens not raised in cages — in their breakfasts has earned applause from some animal rights organizations.

“Subway’s new animal welfare policy will help improve conditions for animals within its supply chain and throughout the nation,” said Matthew Prescott, corporate outreach director for The Humane Society’s factory farming campaign.

Subway Adds Breakfast Menu []

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