14 Ways Hotels Slash Costs

Coupon Sherpa came up with a list of ways hotels get sneaky to cut down on overhead.

A couple of the methods involve cutting staff:

1. We Appreciate Your Call
Automation is rapidly replacing face-to-face contact, which makes sense since payroll is one of hoteliers’ top three expenses. In addition, many hotels have moved away from direct customer interaction by automating many client services. For example, you may receive a better rate if you reserve and pay for your room online. Call the hotel directly to make a reservation and you may end up working your way through a series of menus to make your reservation.

2. Disappearing Staff
It’s not just bell boys, doormen and concierges that have disappeared. Wonder why check-in lines are so long? That’s because hotels have made the biggest cuts in behind-the-scenes staff, forcing clerks to multitask instead of focusing on guests. The result is remaining employees may feel devalued and constantly threatened with loss of their jobs, leading to a reduction in motivation, commitment and productivity. Of course, this syndrome is presently rampant throughout all industries, so why should hotels be different? BTW: Another disappearing position is the housekeeping inspector, who ensures each room is clean before a new guest arrives.

Click the link for the other methods. If you have insight to the hotel industry, what other ways do hotels cut costs?

14 Tricks Hotels Use to Cut Costs [Coupon Sherpa]

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