Dear Coke: Your Stupid New 2 Liter Design Doesn't Fit In My Fridge

Reader Eric wants to comment about the new design for the 2 liter Coke bottle. It’s a little thinner and taller and doesn’t fit in his fridge.

Eric says:

If you didn’t notice, Coke is making new 2 liter bottles. They are thinner and taller, and DON’T FIT IN MY FRIDGE. I wish to complain to Coke about these bottles. I hate them. They are slightly taller than normal 2 liter bottles, and therefore do not fit in my fridge.

It just so happens I just purchased one of these fancy new 2 liters filled with delicious Passover Coke. It fits in my fridge, phew. I’d hate to miss out on the “timeless magic” that is somehow captured in the new design.

From a Coke press release about the bottle:

“Along with Coca-Cola’s one-of-a-kind real cola taste, the iconic shape of the contour bottle is what people love most about the brand. They are both a part of its timeless magic,” said Hendrik Steckhan, president and general manager, Sparkling Beverages, Coca-Cola North America. “We want to offer our brands to consumers in a special way that fits their needs for all contemporary beverage occasions. When you enjoy your family meal together, sharing an ice-cold Coke from a contour bottle is just ‘the real thing’.”

Except Eric’s “contemporary beverage occasion” is gonna feature warm Coke because the timeless magic doesn’t fit in his fridge.


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