Paris Subway Platforms Transformed Into Large, Very Loud Living Rooms

Have you ever secretly wished that the subway platform you were waiting on could be transformed into a comfy living room? Or at least a living room furnished by IKEA? For another week, you can experience just that in four stops on Paris’s Métro system. Instead of molded plastic seats, have a seat on an Ektorp couch!

According to the Wall Street Journal:

Paris’ St. Lazare, Champs-Elysées Clémenceau, Concorde, and Opéra subway stations have been “invaded,” or so says the brand. The concept behind the campaign is akin to a test drive. Passengers in transit can, via the “bum test,” experiment with the comfort and durability of IKEA’s Ektorp and Kalstad couches and Brasa floor lamps.

Agence 14 Septembre, a communications group that specializes in architecture and design, collaborated with IKEA on the experiential initiative, which runs until March 24.

No word on how the platform couches rate for napping. There is probably a strict no-napping policy.

IKEA squatte le métro [Flickr] (via
Ikea Invades the Paris Metro [WSJ]

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