McSpaghetti & 14 Other Fast Food Failures

Have you ever had McSpaghetti? How about a basket of piping hot, deep-fried chicken livers from your local KFC? These are just a few of the not-so-popular menu items that made ChicagoNow’s list of the 15 Worst Fast Food Fails.

Perhaps not surprisingly, McDonald’s is responsible for an overwhelming number of items on the list with 8 digestive disasters, including the above-mentioned McSpaghetti, the McLean Deluxe, and the Hula Burger. That last one was apparently’s McD’s founder Ray Kroc’s attempt to add another Lent-friendly menu option to the menu, by replacing the meat in a hamburger… with a pineapple.

Burger King has its fair share of failures on the countdown. There’s the obvious — Could they ever have thought anyone would want a BK Veggie Burger? — and the arguable — I have to admit my fondness as an adolescent for the BK Burger Bites. But the brunt of the hurt dished out on the King is for his mid-’90s stab at classing up the joint by adding restaurant-like table service, with free popcorn while you wait!

KFC gets a nod for those chicken livers. Taco Bell earns a spot on the list for thinking inside the bun with their “Bell Beefer,” which was really nothing but a Sloppy Joe. And then there’s Wendy’s sole entry, the Superbar. Writes ChicagoNow: “I never remembered people swarming around it like they did in the commercial. It always looked kinda gross.”

But for all the strangeness on the list, the winner for biggest food fail isn’t something exotic, but the rather bland Arch Deluxe. McDonald’s spent a ridiculous amount of money trying to get people to eat something not as tasty as their Big Mac. Shockingly, it didn’t work.

What do you think? Surely there are items that you think deserve to be on this list…

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