Quizno's Was Mean To My Grandma

Felicia says slacker Quizno’s employees were rude to her grandma when she was so difficult as to ask for a menu to look at since her vision is poor. When her father complained to the manager, he wasn’t any more helpful. Her story is a head-shaker:

First and foremost we had never been to a Quiznos before last weekend even though we live pretty close to one. We decided to try it finally and really enjoyed the food. The 2 for $5 deal really isn’t bad for a quick lunch, either, so we decided to go back this Friday for lunch, this time with my elderly Grandmother with us. She is a very finicky eater and likes plain things and we thought she’d enjoy a simple sandwich and soup from there. So we pull up around 1:30pm and head in for what we thought was going to be a great lunch.

Boy, was I wrong! My Grandmother goes up to order but the menu is lining the back wall. Those can be hard to read for your average person let alone for an elderly woman who can’t see well anymore. So she asks if they have an individual menu she could look at, to which the man behind the counter shook his head. Without really being able to pick and chose like most people would, she then asks if there’s any sort of fish sandwiches on the menu. Again he says no whilst rolling his eyes at her, which firstly is an outright lie as they have a tuna melt, and secondly it just plain rude. Now, since she’s really just left to guess from pictures, she picks a #5 but asks if she can have it flatbread style since their toasted subs can sometimes be a bit on the hard side. The man rolls his eyes again, throws down his knife and then just storms off into the back room.

And we’re just standing there wondering what the hell is going on. We wonder if he’s even coming back or if we should just go somewhere else at this point, because there’s no real reason to be having tantrums over such things. After several minutes he DOESN’T come back out, so we just go to leave. On the way out my Dad stops one of the cashiers and asks if he can speak with the manager, and eventually she comes out of wherever she was hiding and he tries to talk to her about how there is no excuse for this sort of behaviour and how it’s not how you develop relations with your customers to keep their patronage.

Well, then the guy comes out of the back and says that if my Grandmother doesn’t know what she wants, that basically she shouldn’t be coming to the store. What a class act, right? Eventually my Dad just gets infuriated even more and leaves, after my Mom and I wandered out to catch up with Grandmother. She was embarrassed and left of her own accord. Manager did nothing at all over the whole thing which I find to be completely unacceptable, but then again, when we turned the corner to go to the car I saw them laughing at my Grandmother through the window. So I guess I’m not surprised.

My Grandmother can’t see or hear well now she she’s well into her 70’s. She also uses a cane to walk since unfortunately she is unable to have knee surgery due to health complications. We take her out to lunch both to help keep her active and because she really loves to go out and spend time over such simple things. I am disgusted that someone would treat a poor older woman in such a manner, I really am. She didn’t do anything but try to to patronize a restaurant she probably would have loved. So great job, Quiznos!

Today (Sunday) my Mother called the store back and asked to speak with the manager again since she is still upset over this and all the manager only said that she’d “had a talk” with the offending party. Considering her own behaviour when we left the store, I’m left to believe that probably was as likely as pigs flying. All around terrible, and I certainly won’t ever be going to Quiznos again after this.

If this kind of thing is policy, don’t expect Quizno’s to make much headway with the senior citizen community. Or the community of those related to senior citizens. Good thing for them their sandwiches are s’darn tasty.

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