Get Inside A Timeshare Salesman's Head

How would you like to be 1000% more awesome? You will, after you read the secrets to Timeshare selling success over at the Timeshare Coach blog. It’s written by the author of ts by the author of Zero Resistance Selling: Achieve Extraordinary Sales Results Using The World-Renowned Techniques of Psycho-Cybernetics. On charming, ” Charm to Timeshare Sales is like Bread to Butter, put them together and it tastes so much better. Bread without butter is dry.”

“There are many different meanings for Charm:

To attract or delight greatly,
To induce by using strong personal attractiveness,
To cast or seem to cast a spell on,
To be alluring or pleasing,
To function as an amulet or charm,
To use magic spells,

All of the above are part of a Timeshare Sales Presentation. (yes, in our own way we use magic spells to sell Timeshare…it’s called creating emotion) If you have a difficult client, use charm to win them round. Charm is a vital element of your warm up. Charm is about your best self, being interested in other people and making them feel comfortable. Charm is your presence when you enter a room.

When you put Charm in action it becomes Charming, which the dictionary quotes as “Possessing or using or characteristic of our appropriate to supernatural powers.”

Wow, to think that by being Charming you can use supernatural powers to sell Timeshare! Take this to the floor today. Be a Super Sales Professional. Be Charming.”


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Charm [The Timeshare Coach] (Thanks to Anonymous!)

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