Cyclists Take Their Beef With United Airlines To Facebook

You’d think United Airlines would have learned a lesson from the whole “United Broke My Guitar” thing. But they’ve once again let a passenger’s problem go global. This time, it’s almost 6,000 Facebook users who think the airline charges too much to check your bike on their planes.

Attorney and triathlete Joe Lotus became outraged by United’s rate of $175 each way for checking bikes, especially since most airlines offer significantly cheaper rates. So he started the Facebook group United Airlines is Ridiculous to Charge $175 Each Way to Travel With a Bike on Feb. 10 to see who else was displeased with United’s pricing. And as of now, the group has thousands more followers than United’s own official Facebook page.

“Calling ALL cyclists, and people who realize a ridiculous business practice when they see one…. please join this group to show your support,” reads a statement on the group’s page.

A pretty big irony is that United is a corporate partner of USA Cycling, the official governing body of bicycle racing in the United States. In such, members of USA Cycling get a 10% discount on flights, but still have to pay the $175.

United mouthpiece Robin Urbansky didn’t really have much to say about the snowballing sentiment against her employer’s policy, saying only, “At the end of the day, that is what social media is for — to get feedback.”

Yes, Facebook is for feedback… and playing Farmville.

United Airlines bashed on Facebook over bicycle fee [Seattle Times]

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