Arrest Warrant Issued For JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon

Image courtesy of The face of a winner

Last week, JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon was a wanted man in the city of Atlanta. The city solicitor issued a warrant for his arrest.

Turns out there was a vacant property in the city where thousands of tires were being dumped illegally. After an investigation, the city determined that Chase has “an ownership interest” in the property.

Then, nobody from Chase showed up in municipal court the week prior to respond to the illegal dumping charges. So Atlanta figured out a really great way of getting attention and city solicitor Raines Carter put out the warrant for the CEO of the superbank.

“We have filed a citation against this entity and it is our intention to prosecute this entity in court for that violation,” Carter told CBS Atlanta. “It is certainly our intention for [Jamie Dimon] to be aware of this because we want something done about this as soon as possible.”

JP Morgan Chase ended up getting the warranted revoked and says that the property title shows that they don’t own the property. Atlanta, however, says that the company is not off the hook.

“We have a very serious code violation down here,” Carter told the NY Post.

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