Don't Call In To Complain About How You Can't Steal Wi-Fi

Someone named Jennifer called in to the Leo Laporte show a week ago and asked for help on how to get back online. She’d been able to access a Wi-Fi hotspot for over a year and a half from her apartment, but “that’s disappeared now for three weeks.” She bought a wireless extender and that didn’t solve the problem at all. Laporte gently tries to point out that she’s being a freeloader, but she’s not buying it.

Laporte: “You were using somebody else’s Wi-Fi.”
Jennifer: “Not uncommon.”
Laporte: “This person probably caught on and turned it off.”
Jennifer: “No, it was a Linksys in my neighborhood.”

Aside from laughing about the silliness of Jennifer’s position, Laporte provides some good reasons why you don’t want to blindly access unknown Wi-Fi hotspots–like how people can intercept anything you send out or receive that’s unencrypted.

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