Why Does Spicy Hormel Pepperoni Cost More Than Original Flavor?

The blogger known as HolyJuan made a horrible discovery after purchasing some Hormel brand pepperoni. By purchasing the “Hot & Spicy” pepperoni, he paid the same price per bag for three fewer ounces of pepperoni goodness than the original flavor. What is this nonsense?

I love pepperoni. I usually buy Hormel, even though it can be a little more expensive. Last shopping trip, I bought 2/$6.00. In an attempt to spice things up, I purchased the Hot & Spicy flavor. From the photo below, you can see the packages are exactly the same except for where I had torn the top off the Hot & Spicy variety.

Once I got in the bag, I immediately noticed that something was not right. The bag seemed half empty. I looked at the size on the bag:


5oz (note the easy to read black on red)

I pulled the other bag out and looked at it:



I was getting screwed out of 3oz because of flavoring? It’s a different between $.60 and ounce and $.38 an ounce. I just don’t get it. It would be like getting charged double for Salt and Vinegar potato chips over regular potato chips just because it is a different flavor.

The packaging is completely misleading. It’s exactly the same size! I will not make the same mistake next time.

Shame on you Hormel!

Next time, just buy a bag of regular flavor pepperoni and throw some Tabasco sauce on it. Done!

Hormel Pepperoni: Hot & Spicy & Smaller by Almost Half.

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