Burger King Tells Singing Employee To Stop It

You know how there are those people who, no matter what job they have, somehow retain a cheery outlook? And if you’re grumpy like me you wish they’d go away, but secretly you marvel at how they spread cheer to everyone around them and make the day more pleasant? Well, that’s one thing you’ll no longer find at a Burger King in a Concord, NH, mall. The district manager put a stop to it.

According to the Digital Journal, shift supervisor Chuck McMurphree has been with BK for 10 years, and has been singing out orders for the past 4. McMurphree says he told his manager, “This was going to be hard for me because I have a happy outlook on life, and I express myself by singing. It’s like telling me to stop being left-handed.” Burger King won’t comment except to say, “We expect our team members to follow these customer service guidelines.”

What do you think: is a singing fast food employee too eccentric for a national chain? Maybe he should seek employment with Southwest Airlines; they tend to like that kind of attitude.

“Burger King Gives Singing Server the Royal Thumbs Down” [Digital Journal]

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